Branch News

Gt Eccleston Mounted Games Competition

Jul 14

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!!

Our amazing junior mounted games team of Mia, Lucy, Daisy, Will and Joe only went and WON the junior mounted games at Gt Eccleston! Mega proud of my little gamers!


It didn’t stop there……Mia,Daisy, Lucy and Libby took on the challenge to ride in the senior competition and came a magnificent 2nd!

All in a very scary main ring, with flags, tractors (including tractor pulling), crowds surrounding the ring! Lots of much older riders would have been phased but you all took it in your stride!

Area Eventing Competition 2018

Jul 08

Well what a day!! 
All Wheelton riders have done us proud in the un-bearable heat today at Somerford Park!
First was our grass roots riders where we had a team of Ben, Olivia, Chloe and Mia and two individuals Tori and Beck. All riders rode lovely accurate tests and Ben Chloe and Mia followed it up with double clears! Mia and Olivia gained 6th place in their arenas and Ben and chloe got 5th qualifying them all for Eland Lodge regionals at the end of August! Fantastic results especially considering it was Ben, Olivia and Tori’s first time eventing. 
Next was the turn of the Novice, we had a team of four consisting of Alice M, Alice S, Trinity and Rhiannon. All four rider set the standard in the dressage, with Alice M and trinity lying second in their arenas after the dressage. Then Rhiannon Trinity and Alice S all got 3 text book double clears just picking up a few time faults. Overall, Alice S came 1st, Trinity came 2nd, Rhiannon came 3rd and Alice M came 6th in their individual arenas scoring them a team win in area 4 qualifying them for nationals at cholomondely castle! Exciting times ahead 
You all rode and behaved amazingly and there was such great team spirit you really did the club proud. So excited for the champs lots of dressage training to come!
Hope you didn’t get as sunburnt as me!

Area Show Jumping Qualifier 2018

Jul 01

Well it’s was the turn of our show jumpers today at the area jumping at Westmorland, it was a very hot day and the ground was firm ! But all our riders did an amazing job with show jackets on and body protectors and lots of water been passed about. Below are the results . 

First was the novice team, rhianon, trinity and Millie sue all three rode fab and the team finished 4th out of 11 teams and rhianon after a double clear went on to do an amazing jump off and WON !!! So off to champs she goes. 
Next was Alice in the intermediate fab first round but not her day in the second but well ridden over a massive track. 
Finally was our intro team, amy, nicola and Erin,both got faults in first round and the second round was timed and all three flew round with very quick times, the team finished 4th and all were pleased. 
I’m totally burnt to a crisp but thank you to all riders, parents and helpers you all did well in challenging heat and especially well done to rhianon and meg xx

Area Dressage 2018

Jun 30

Well done to our teams who competed today in the area dressage at Bold Heath in very warm conditions.
Firstly we had two teams competing in the Intermediate class : Alice, Alice, Alex, Beck, Rhiannon, Trinity and Vicky all rode good tests, Trinity came 4th and Alice M 5th in their arenas!
Next was the turn of our Novice team who were all placed in their separate arenas, Charlotte 3rd; Rachel 4th, Nicola and Elizabeth 5th which has resulted in the team qualifying for the Championships!!
Finally it was the turn of our Grassroots team to compete. Amy had her first outing on Jelly, Catelyn rode very well on Duke, Chloe and Tori both came 5th in their arenas and have qualified for the Regionals!!
Thank you to parents and friends for your support today, all the riders for competing in hot and sticky conditions.

Compulsory microchipping to improve horse welfare

Jun 20

A new law requiring horse owners to microchip their animals has been introduced recently to prevent abuse and improve welfare.

Earlier this year RSCPA released figures that showed that they rescued around 1,000 horses in 2017, to highlight the issue of horses being fly-tipped or dumped, often in horrific conditions.

From October 2020 it will be mandatory for all owners to microchip their horses, ponies and donkeys. The new Central Equine Database will then allow local authorities and police to track down the owners of dumped horses and make sure they are punished and the animals are given the care they deserve. It will also mean lost or stolen horses will be reunited with their owners more easily.

Lord Gardiner, Animal Welfare Minister, said:

  • The government shares the British public’s high regard for animal welfare and it is completely unacceptable that hundreds of horses and ponies are left abandoned every year by irresponsible owners.
  • That is why we have today laid new regulations in Parliament requiring horses to be microchipped. This will bolster the ability of local authorities and police to identify abandoned animals, ensuring these beautiful creatures receive the care they deserve and that those who mistreat them will face the consequences.

The Central Equine Database logs all domesticated horses, including those required to be microchipped by October 2020. This will offer a practical solution to the pressing animal welfare issues which arise when horses are abandoned, making it easier to rehome the animals more quickly and effectively and has been welcomed by charities such as the RSPCA.

We are working closely with vets and the British Horse Council to highlight the change in regulations, explaining that horse owners have until October 2020 to make sure that all horses are microchipped. This extra time will allow horse owners to combine microchipping with a routine visit to, or from, their vet with the procedure costing around £25-30.

RSPCA Assistant Director of External Affairs, David Bowles said:

  • We are delighted regulations to ensure horses of all ages should be microchipped are set to become a reality.
  • The RSPCA rescued almost 1,000 horses last year (2017), and a huge majority were not microchipped making it virtually impossible to trace the owners. Heartbreakingly our inspectors are frequently faced with horses which have been dumped whilst very sick, dying, or sometimes even dead.
  • We believe this extension of the current rules on compulsory microchipping will go some way to help find those irresponsible owners that abandon their horses as well as helping owners be reunited with their animals that have been stolen.

If horse owners do not microchip their horses by October 2020 they could face sanctions from their local authority including a compliance notice and, as a last resort, a fine of up to £200.

Jeanette Allen, Chair of The British Horse Council, said:

  • This new legislation has the full support of the British Horse Council. We have been working closely with Defra and this achieves the important step of requiring all equine animals to have a microchip.
  • This is a huge advance for the UK’s horses, ponies and donkeys. It will not only enable irresponsible owners to be held properly accountable for the treatment of their animal, it will also aid in reuniting owners with lost or stolen horses and significantly supports the UK’s efforts to protect our equines from disease outbreaks

The regulations for this database were laid in Parliament recently and, subject to parliamentary approval, will come into force on 1 October 2018. They are similar in nature to the legislation which requires all dogs to be microchipped.

Prince Philip Mounted Games Area 4 Competition

May 19

Rhiannon and Charlie were first up and rode some great first heats but the finals were not going their way. Spud did not make life easy for Charlie but she persevered!
Next were our incredibly brave juniors! It has been a rocky road to the competition and I am proud that they decided to brave it. Unfortunately a bit of pony spirit proved too much so I decided to go non compete so some of our little ones could have some help! They all rode well and were a credit to the club! Sticking with it despite some scary moments!
Thank you to all the parents for your help and support – your kids are a credit xx

DAKS Award 2018

May 15

15th May 2018
DAKS Award 2018
The Friends of DAKS Award, was instigated by DAKS to recognise the many unsung volunteers who have quietly dedicated a lifetime of service and devotion within The Pony Club.
The 2018 award has gone to Ros Slinger, the remarkable and dedicated Mounted Games Chairperson and Area 4 representative, with a special mention to the wise strength of Edward Slinger.
Ros is stepping down as the Mounted Games Chairperson of 32 years. 
Thank you Ros for your commitment to Area 4 and mounted games – enjoy your retirement!

Achievement Badges

Apr 08

8th April 2018
Native breeds and worming badges
A big thank you to all the parents that brought their children to badge day, it was a huge success and they all really enjoyed the day, fiona.

Winter League Show Jumping Finals

Mar 24

24th March 2018
Well what can I say, wheelton you are the best !!! Chloe and Alice got double clears in their mixed team and went super clear in the jump off at an amazing 1m 05 cm !!!! So won the class. Our wheelton team of Rhiannon, Harriet, Olivia and tori had 3 double clears but some faults in the jump off but came an amazing 2nd place !!! Chloe also competed in the dengie 85 and 95 and was placed in both so has qualified well done Chloe. Molly also competed in the open but not sure of her placing and milly sue. Huge thank you to you amazing riders and mums and dads for your great support and commitment to the club. I’m sorry I had to leave early due to personal reasons but I’m so very proud of all of you. Watch out area 4 wheelton are on it x just been told Alice just missed out on an individual placing x

Winter League Dressage Competition – Bold Heath

Mar 17

Winter League Series Finals at Bold Heath

17th March 2018
Winter Dressage Finals at Bold Heath