Christmas Rally


Christmas Fun Rally

To be held at:
Osbaldeston Equestrian Centre, Blackburn. BB2 7LZ
Sunday 29th December 2019


Ring 1 – Novelty Classes | 10am – 12:15

Class 1: Fancy dress | aprox 10am
Riders any age, horses/ponies any height. May be mounted or unmounted but must incorporate both horse and rider. Riders must wear a riding hat at all times whilst mounted.

Class 2: Lead Rein mounted party games | aprox 10:15am
Santa needs your help getting ready for Christmas (leaders will have some jobs to do too)
Christmas card – collect your card and deliver to Santa’s Elf
Bauble & Spoon Race – it’s time to get the tree ready for the big day, but Santa needs your help to get the decorations back..
Chocolate Dip – the silly Elves had dropped the Chocolates in the shavings they need your help finding them
Carrot for Rudolph – Pick up your carrot and deliver it to Rudolph’s bucket
Christmas Sacks – we need to gather up Santa’s sacks and get them back to the grotto

Class 3: Under 12’s Mounted party games | aprox 10:45am
For under 12 years who did not compete on a lead rein
Santa needs your help getting ready for Christmas too – same tasks as above

Class 4: 12 and Over Mounted party games | aprox 11:15am
Classes 3 and 4 may be amalgamated if entries are small

Class 5: Bareback Equitation (under 12’s) | aprox 11:45am
Neck straps are permitted and no canter will be included.

Class 6: Bareback Equitation (12 and over) | aprox 12:05
Neck straps are permitted and canter will be optional and in the individual show only.

From approx. 12:25pm Ring 1 will be used as the warm up for Ring 2 (jumping ring)

Before 12:15pm Clear Round will warm up in the jumping ring (up to 4 horses at a time) and be allowed to warm up over two selected fences, before continuing on to jump the rest of the course.

Ring 2 – Jumping Classes

Class 7: Clear Round Jumping
Jumping will commence from 10am until 12pm, and run from smallest height to biggest. This class may be entered on the day, but if the ring is running behind schedule priority will be given to those who have pre-entered. Please choose from the following heights:
40/45cm (no spreads, lead rein and assistance permitted)
55cm clear round (assistance permitted)
65cm clear round
75cm clear round

Before 12:15pm Clear Round will warm up in the jumping ring (up to 4 horses at a time) and be allowed to warm up over two selected fences, before continuing on to jump the rest of the course.

Class 8: Mini Jumping
Fences approx. 45cm
(lead rein/assistance permitted)

Class 9: Midi Jumping
Fences approx. 60cm 

Class 10: Maxi Jumping
Fences approx. 75cm

 Class 11 Chase me Charlie
All competitors will jump one fence (starting at approx. 75cm), those who clear this fence successfully will move on to the next round. This fence will get progressively bigger across the rounds, until either one horse and rider only have cleared this height, or more than one combination have cleared a lower height but no combinations have successfully cleared the final round height.
It is the responsibility of the parents and rider to decide what they are capable of jumping, however organisers reserve the right to withdraw any combination they feel are riding dangerously or end the class at a height they feel is safe.

Places will be limited due to space!
Entries close by Friday 27th December.
You may add to the classes you have entered on the day, time permitting.

All classes are £8 except clear round which is £4 or £6 for two

Dress Code:
Show dress is optional for all classes. Riders may opt to wear fancy dress other festive clothes such as Christmas jumpers or casual riding wear however all members taking part in any class must comply with the following minimum requirements; a riding hat compliant with the current safety standards, riding boots with smooth soles and a defined heel, jodhpurs or breeches and long sleeves for all jumping classes. Any fancy dress worn in these classes must be reasonably secure and not restrictive to horse or rider. Extras such as tinsel, ribbons and bells are permitted on tack as long as they are suitably secured and not causing any distress to the horse.

Open to all current members of Pony Club branch or centre members including associate members. This show is intended to be a fun event for the end of year and as such we trust members to be honest in their own abilities when entering classes. .