Event Bookings

The new booking system run by Entrymaster and links into Pony Clubs Pelham database. You will need the membership number of the rider to book an event.

This system does not use Paypal as the payment gateway instead it uses Stripe which is now the Pony Clubs prefered payment method – as with Paypal you don’t need an account to use Stripe.

Before paying for any lesson or training please make sure you have requested a place on the event by contacting the organiser. If you pay for a place on an event without the place being confirmed any refund will NOT include Stripe or Booking fees. This is a practice followed by most ticketing organisations!! 

Events must be paid for before they take place. 

Useful information:
Parent name and email, members name and membership number are compared with the details on the pony club database (PELHAM). Please make sure these are up to date otherwise your entry will not be accepted. You can update the information on the Pony Club database via the parents portal.

Creating an account profile in Entrymaster will reduce the reptitive entry of details for each event entered. Parents details, members details, Pony Club number etc., will all self populate. When you have created an account with Entrymaster use the tabs to add detail and view entered events:

  • People – add your details and members details
  • Horse/Ponies – add the horse/pony details
  • Enter Events – select and enter the event you have a confiremed place on
  • Entry History – check which events you have entered
  • Transactions – confirms which events you have succesfully paid for.

The same reduction in entry repition can be achieved when paying for an event in Stripe by creating an account and entering your details rathjer than checking out as a Guest.