Mini Lead Rein Fun Day 2022

The Mini Lead Rein Fun Day will take place at The Red Cat Field.

There are limited places available so that we can keep the groups small.

To apply for a place members must have attended at least THREE mounted rallies before the event takes place. 

Applications for places can be made online only up until 3rd September. 

The total cost is £60.00 per person and includes a Mini Fun Day polo shirt.

The day will be a mixture of flat work, pole work, stable management, badges and a mini competition. 

Those on lead rein will be expected to supply their own helper/parent to run round with them. 

I believe Sarah is open to bribery with chocolate though if a helper/parent can not come along!

Sunday 3rd July

Once you have a confirmed place use the link below to pay

  • Register Online for Mini Lead Rein Fun Day – as with all our events a refund is not available unless we can fill your place
  • Download and fill in the pony form and member information form*
  • The Fun Day day starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm
  • Bring a pack lunch for yourself
  • Fun Day polo shirts will be available the weekend before the event
  • Bring a hay net, head collar, water and grooming kit for your pony along with any boots etc 
  • Please ensure you are turned out correctly with Pony Club tie, sweat shirt and long sleeved shirt or camp polo shirt, badge (with appropriate felt), beige/cream or light coloured plain jods, riding boots and hair tied back. Full details of correct dress is available on our website.
  • All riding headwear must be Pony Club approved and tagged. Jockey skull caps, body protectors must be worn for cross-country lessons.