Cancellation & Refunds

Branch payments, Cancellation and Refunds.

You will appreciate that when we hold an event, instructors, venue and facilities must be booked and paid for.
We endeavour to organise the activities with the necessary number of riders to break even on cost – some events are subsidised by the Branch.
Please ensure that you cancel any pre booked rally, training or other activity session as soon as possible to enable us to offer the slot to other Branch members.

Payment Policy
Payment for any event must be paid for when your place is confirmed via the specific payment link. 
We do not accept any entries without payment. This avoids the need for committee members having to chase payments.

This is for ease of tracking and fewer trips to the bank for our volunteer Treasurer.
We are a ‘cashless’ branch so that there is always a record of payments to the branch.

Late Entry
If you wish to enter an event after the groups are displayed, contact the event organiser. If there are spaces, please pay BEFORE the event using the specific payment link for that event.
For branch lessons we are currently collecting the name of the member attending, parent/guardian attending and the parent/guardian email address (for entry confirmation). 
Once payment has been received the place is secured.
The Additional Payments portal may only be used when your told to so.

Cancellation Policy
If people cancel on short notice (within 48 hours of the event) or simply fail to turn up, no refund will be given except in exceptional circumstances. This will be at the discretion of the event organiser and DC, and a doctor’s / vet’s certificate may be required. If you cannot attend, please inform the organiser as soon as is possible. If the place is filled then a refund will be issued.

Online refunds
In the event that events are cancelled by the branch refunds will be made through PayPal.
Should there be more than 180days since the payment, refunds will be made via BACS or cheque

Camp refunds
Cancellations made in the final month leading up to camps, (mini camp and summer camp), when full payment has been made, cannot be refunded unless the place can be filled.  A partial refund may be possible depending on the situation and committed costs to the branch.
The initial deposit payment for the summer camp can only be refunded following cancellation if your place can be filled by another member.

Cancellation of branch activities/rallies/training
If the venue/proprietor cancels the event there will most likely be a refund (venues and competitions run vary).

If the branch run activity/rally or training is cancelled by the branch on health and safety grounds full refunds will be issued.
Please note that once a competition has started abandonment of the competition does not result in refunds. 

For events that are not organised by Wheelton – including the Area 4 Winter League and National PC Championships.
Once an entry has been sent to the organising branch no refunds can be made unless the organising branch cancels the event and offers refunds.