Pony Club Branches are run by volunteers, who make up the Branch Committee and run the events, administrate Branch activity and communicate with the Members. Volunteers are often sought to help with tasks such as putting out show jumping courses, stewarding at shows and becoming new Committee Members.
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Branch Contact List

District Commissioner Ian Nolan-Plunkett 07710 975082
Assistant DC Francine McCormick 07824 992520
Treasurer Andrea Longmire 07436 806143
Secretary Kate Cartwright 07581 313770
Membership Secretary Allison Ditchfiled 07763 238118
Child Protection Officer Francine McCormick 07824 992520
Fund Raising/Sponsorship Kerry Geldard 07855 497330
Badges & Test Fiona Latham 07701 372589
Camp Francine McCormick 07824 992520
Dressage Jill Taylor 07957 515517
Endurance Sarah Veevers 07505 006436
Eventing Harriet McCormick *
Mini Rally Kate Cartwright 07581 313770
Mounted Games Julie Evans 07808 425770
Musical Ride Team Sarah Veevers 07505 006436
Quiz Team vacant *
Show Jumping Sarah Veevers 07505 006436
Training Alice Martindale *
Triathlon Sue Martland 07786 073480
Young Member Rep Alice Martindale 07881 288538
Red Cat Field Manager Julie Westhead 07724 148483
Branch Clothing Andrea Longmire 07436 806143

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