Dressage – Winter League #1

Today Wheelton dressage riders started the winter league competition in fine form:
Charlotte and Edward rode in the lead rein walk & trot both scored very high marks, Charlotte won and Edward 4th!
Next was the turn of Mia who rode a lovely test to win the walk & trot!
Well done to our younger members, I enjoyed watching you compete.
Next was the turn of Catelyn who competed in the largest class of the day, the Grassroots. Catelyn came 5th overall and won a Golden ticket in a very strong class, well done to you and Duke! 
Nicola and Rachel competed in the Dengie Novice, Nicola won the class on 75% and qualified for the Dengie semi finals.
Vicky competed in the Dengie Intermediate and came 2nd also qualifying for the Dengie semi finals.
Amy, Catelyn, Nicola and Rachel competed in the team competition and came 2nd overall , Amy and Catelyn were awarded golden tickets and Nicola winning the class overall! Well done to all four of you!
Thanks to Sarah for standing in for me for the afternoon classes, sorry I missed your tests. 
Thanks to all the parents for your support today and to Haydock Park pony club for organising.

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