Musical Ride 2019

So back in January 12 riders started their journey on the road to the musical ride competition !!
After months weeks and many hours we put together a 6 minute routine which was called “once upon a dream “ we had 5 dragons and 5 unicorns and two sleepy heads !
The costumes were made ( big thank you to Jayne GradyGill Badgerand Lisa and me twice ) and the music was put to the routine ( thank you Sam bould )
Then the great British weather struck and all the champs competitions were cancelled 😩 but !!! Pony club asked us to video our entry and send in which we did and results came out today and …. we came 2nd !!!
This is such an achievement and I’m so proud of you all and big thanks to all helpers ,parents and Kerry Geldard and all our stand in riders and horses ! And catelyn for all your help every week , and of course to Jayne Grady who helped us all so much your now a wheelton 🌟